Peta [Pea-tu] (also Pets, Petal, I said Possum)

1. verb: Finds it exciting to juggle multiple tasks and priorities at the one time; to not
drop the ball or at least catch using fingertips

2. noun: Consultant, strategist, trainer, coach, conference speaker, business owner,
cat wrangler

About Me

I have over 15 years experience as a manager, director and board member, and 10+ years as a business owner. During this time I’ve also sat on two global consortiums, one focussed on talent development and the other on the acquisition of talent.

I’ve established multiple teams from scratch as well as rebuilt existing teams, written the business case for and established new initiatives as well as been involved in mergers, downsizing, expansions, budget cuts and everything else in between!

I’ve worked in and with national and international organisations, small, medium and large businesses, and individuals, as well as government, publicly listed corporations and privately owned businesses.

My experience includes roles in a variety areas including recruitment, training, organisation development, sales, multimedia and project management, as well as all aspects of running a business.

I have extensive experience in developing people… some of my projects have included getting 3,500 people trained in one week, having every manager nationally go through a 5 day residential training program within 9 months, building a training department and full calendar of programs covering all aspects (IT, WHS, management development, cadet program, professional skills etc.) from scratch through approval and implemented in under 4 months, establishing a custom built e-learning platform, developed a blended delivery approach for an RTO, setting up a leadership succession and development pipeline, through to coaching individuals.

Certified in DiSC, DDI Accredited Facilitator, Accredited Career Coach, 

Bachelor of Arts and a Postgraduate Diploma of Education

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE)

Foundations in Human Resources

Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management

So what services do I offer?

I work closely with senior executives, HR and training teams, and business unit managers to achieve people development solutions. This includes

New and existing management skills programs and courses

Tomorrow’s leaders today (developing management potential)

Graduate programs

Cadet programs

Employee professional skills

One on one management coaching

Business start-up coaching

Career coaching

Determining training requirements

Build a training curriculum

Establish a training team

Training and organisation development employees

I also do conference sessions and keynote speaker. 

These can all be done face to face or online.

If you would like a further break down of the training topics that can be covered in management training or staff development please feel free to contact me and I can email a list to you.

A rose? On a business page!

To remind us, particularly now with life and work continually changing so much, that in amongst all busyness and disruption its important that we all should still take time to stop and smell the roses… often! (yes I still don’t do it often enough).
Also they’re beautiful.
Aaaand… they were my dad’s favourite flower to give my mum! (just call me sentimental!!)

So here are three quick easy tips to help you start, or spend more time, looking after yourself… and stopping “to smell the roses”…
1. Meditate every day. Just 10 minutes! Possibly the single strongest thing you can do for yourself. There’s so much research in this space now supporting the benefits of meditation.
2. Change any negative self talk. Every one of us is of value and has skills… so if you have any negative self talk turn it to constructive, empowering, positive talk e.g. instead of “I can’t do that” try “I’ll find out how to do it” or “I’ve got this” or “I’ll give it my best shot” or “I’ve tackled hard stuff before… I can do it again”.
3. Practice gratitude… yes sometimes it feels like it’s all too hard to be genuinely grateful… however, Harvard research shows gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. And in times like these who wouldn’t want that!
So, once a day, write down three things you’re grateful for. Big or little. Same or different from yesterday. Doesn’t matter… just write three. A lot of people like to do that in a notepad or journal. I think putting them on slips of paper and then in a clear jar or vase is kind of wonderful… because you see your jar filling up over time and hence you can visually see your life filling up with positive things.

Of course there’s all the exercise, sleep, healthy eating, play sport etc however there’s only so much space here!!!

Client Reviews

And some other quotes… but from clients… not Marian!

“Peta was fantastic, used great examples and was very engaging. Great level of theory
and action learning” (Emma, participant)

“Love Peta’s training style” (Denise, participant)

“Loved every minute of the training” (Toli, participant)

To contact me you can...

Call or sms: 0412 344 844
Message: via LinkedIn

I look forward to hearing from you!!!!

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